Loumeaud and Alfred Alexandra, the founder of Cab’s brand, lived in Bordeaux of the well-known wine regions in France, owned Lafayette Chateaux Haut Lafitte and operated wine business.
In 1989, when Carl, the chairman of the organization in the world of polyphenol, the doctor of the Pharmaceutical Research Center of the famous University of Bordeaux visit, he found that, in the grape harvest after years of discarded grape seeds contain a large pool of anti-aging substance, these polyphenols once stability of the skin and hair care can have a very valuable role, grape seed antioxidants inside the area in the fight against free radicals have an incredible ability to fight aging. Based on rich experience of Loumeaud couple and strong interest in Doctor Carl, they founded the Cab’s professional laboratory in 1991 in Bordeaux.

Over the years, this professional lab has been working Cab’s professional salon hair anti-aging and damage to in-depth study, after studied more than 500 types of red wine analysis and extraction in 43 wineries in France, successfully extracted hair against the anti-aging renewable bio-energy. In 1993, the hair care brand Cab’s was born, which was the first one to take research and development of red wine polyphenols.

After 1998, Cab’s gradually expand to the entire European market and has been the rapid development; Cab’s gives the impression that the brand upscale, elegant, professional, reliable and quality, was 25 years old -35 years old mature sensible consumer group of cognition.

In 2006, Cab’s take the lead in Asia, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan , Iran , Korea , India and listed by the local popularity of professional salon and its customers have achieved a great success;

In September 2008, Cab’s was officially introduced into France mainland, with a professional market and service teams, Cab’s business network was developed quickly in major cities throughout mainland France.

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